Calliope, Volume 23, Nonfiction, 2011:  “Music in Fours” [Available in Print]

Sonic Boom Journal, Issue Six, Poetry, 2016:  “Oil Form”

50-Word Stories, Fiction, 2016:  “Flora Highway”

Spry Literary Journal, Issue Eight, Poetry, 2016:  “The First Time I Sinned”

Cheat River Review, Issue Seven, Poetry, 2016:  “Animal” [Best of the Net Anthology Nominee]

Visitant Literary Journal, Fiction, 2017:  “Pearl”

L’Éphémère Review, Issue Four, Poetry, 2017:  “Terra” and “Freshman”

Sonic Boom Journal, Issue Eight, Poetry, 2017:  “The Year of the Dragon”

The Speculative 66, Issue Six, Poetry, 2017:  “the hold”

HeartWood Literary Magazine, Issue Three, Poetry, 2017:  “Beautiful”

Blue Stoat, Issue One, Poetry, 2017:  “Call of the Weak,” “Ophelia,” “Bones,” “The Child,” and “Again, Again”

The Cicada’s Cry, Spring Issue, Haiku, 2017:  “Bonewhite” [Available in Print]

Porridge Magazine, Nonfiction, 2017:  “Long Twin Silver Line”

Bull & Cross, Issue Two, Nonfiction, 2017:  “Ilh-eobeolin” [Best of the Net Anthology Nominee]

Floorboard, Issue Four, Poetry, 2017:  “Placebo,” “Peppermint,” “Some Careful Bits,” “If,” and “Grandmother”

After the Pause, Poetry, 2017:  “Young Girl Blues”

Viewfinder Literary Magazine, Poetry, 2017:  “Mantra,” “Bottom of the Bucket,” and “Hang”

Minute Magazine, Issue One, Poetry, 2017:  “Water on Cement” and “Pulvilli”

Birch Gang Review, Issue 2.1, Poetry, 2017:  “In Senses”

The Icarus Anthology, Issue Two, Nonfiction, 2017:  “Mute” [Pushcart Prize Nominee]

Page & Spine, The Reading Lamp, Fiction, 2017:  “Seasons”

The Green Light Literary Journal, Poetry, 2017:  “Silence in Reverse” and “A Poem with Ravens and Cherries in It”

Blakelight, Issue One, Nonfiction, 2017:  “My Eyes in Chestnut Ridge”

Grey Borders, Niagra Falls Night of Art Special
Issue, Poetry, 2017:  “Over Watch,” “Kindergarten,” and “200 Apple Seeds” [Available in Print]

The Stray Branch, Fall/Winter Issue, Poetry, 2017:  “The Doll House,” “Diction,” “Blue Appalachia,” “Recalled,” and “Scene Stone” [Available in Print]

For the Sonorous, Issue Two, Poetry, 2017:  “Hyper Music” and “Braille and Blood”

Red Queen Literary Magazine, Issue Three, Poetry, 2017:  “Tar”

Jan-Carol Publishing, Writing Prompt Contest, Fiction, 2017:  “Vitae”

Sidereal Magazine, Issue 2, Nonfiction, 2017:  “Astronomy”

Millennial Pink, Poetry, 2018:  “When 7th Grade”

Upcoming Publications

Line Break, Nonfiction, 2018:  “Iridescence”

This Bridge Called Language, an Anthology, Nonfiction:  “Saltwater” [Available in Print]