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“He reached out, grabbed my hand, and forced the pad of my finger to touch one of the foreign symbols. “Blue,” he told me. “That means blue.” I closed my eyes and pretended the faint texture of his shirt was written in Braille, and that I, too, could read blue with just a single touch.” – from Moon River

“Ryan’s smile was timeless, in that his sweet young face was the only changing feature across the photographic evidence surrounding me. There was something inherently intimate about seeing chronological portraits of Ryan in his own home. It was unusual, almost indescribable, what I felt as I skipped along with Kimmie.” – from Moon River

“That was the first time I ever wanted to forget something about Ryan. I wanted to erase my memory of what total emptiness looked like … to learn about the physical struggles stretching across his face, so that I could spend the next few months learning how to make them all better.” – from Moon River

“He was right. He did scare me. He scared me because I didn’t know him anymore.” – from Moon River

“And then he asked me if I liked him. Blushing, I kicked at a rock and mumbled, “Yeah, I do.” Then he was gone.” – from Moon River